Shannon Farm Community


         The current route of the Dominion pipeline passes through the Shannon Farm Community in Nelson County.   The Shannon Farm Community is an intentional community committed to cooperative living.  Nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the community spans 520 acres of forest and pasture and is home to around 90 people.  Monthly meals and meetings, a shared garden, and closely-built homes all encourage a close-knit community.  (source: – some information is outdated)


Amelia Williams, the community member who met with us


Purpose of Shannon Farm Association:  “To be a residential intentional community where people share land, encourage member-managed agriculture and businesses, and support cooperative and harmonious living situations here, and in the larger world.”

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None of us had ever heard of the Shannon Farm and didn’t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quiet, natural beauty of the community.  The members lead lives that have a low impact on the environment, so humans and nature peacefully coexist.  Unfortunately, the proposed path of the pipeline cuts right through the heart of the community.  All the land and buildings are owned by the members, and together, they agreed to refuse Dominion the right to survey on their land.  The community has also joined county and regional efforts to increase education about the pipeline.  Amelia Williams, a member, spoke about their efforts, “The community continues to educate itself about the dangers of a 42″ high-pressure gas pipeline to the environment, the serious safety concerns, and concerns about infringement of our property rights.”  She also said that they have written to our representatives and to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  The pipeline’s current path won’t affect any of the private houses or community buildings, but it will destroy the community garden and a section of old growth forest.

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This sign is posted in the old growth forest to keep Dominion surveyors off the land.


This map of Shannon Farms is a little outdated, but the arrow shows the proposed path of the pipeline through the community.

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