The Ravinas

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will affect many landowners, including Louis and Yvette Ravina. They have lived on their property in Augusta County since 1992. With years of memories of working and raising their family here, the Ravinas are putting up a fight to save their land. They have hired a law firm that specializes in fighting eminent domain and are doing all they can to be what Louis called “porcupines.” They won’t allow surveyors on their land, because Dominion takes any cooperation as a sign of support for the pipeline. Louis explained that their land isn’t the ideal place to go through, even though it is cheap.

“There are many other routes they could have chosen, but this would be the cheap way to do it and we’re trying to make it less cheap. There is a potential sink hole on our property and the pipeline would go right through it.” Louis Ravina

Ravina's fields

This gate leads to thick woods and several fields that they share with their neighbors. These fields are used to grow hay to feed their horses and their neighbor’s livestock. The hay has been processed as a joint effort by the Ravinas and their neighbors. With the pipeline being built, this community-style of growing and bailing hay will be lost. The pipeline will go directly through the horse barn as well as a pond nearby.

The Ravina's Property

The Ravina's

Their horses, Oberon (black) and  Dolomite (white), are an important part of the family and the Ravinas put a great deal of care into their well-being. Their daughter named Oberon after the fairy king in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Dolomite is named after the white stone best known from “The Dolomites,” a mountain range in northeastern Italy and part of the Italian Alps.

The Ravina's Property

The Ravinas planted these pine trees in 1994 to help prevent erosion on the hills above their home. The trees were only 24″ tall when they were planted and now they tower over the house, guarding it from harsh weather.

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