The Bryant’s Property


The Bryants

The projected path of the pipeline cuts a 200 ft-wide corridor through the George Washington National Forest and through the property of Jerry and Diane Bryant.  The couple recently bought a small cabin on seven acres of land in the National Forest, with the hopes of eventually retiring.  Even more recently, they received a letter from Dominion, followed by Dominion surveyors.  Their cabin is right in the middle of the pipeline’s corridor.  Barely 100 yds from the Bryant’s driveway, there is a row of bright orange ribbons marking the path of the pipeline.

Proposed Pipeline Corridor

Panorama of where the pipeline crosses the road. Bryant’s property is on the right.


The route marked by the ribbons crosses the road and continues on the other side.


The ribbons show the pipeline’s route through Bryant’s property

While the cabin won’t be destroyed, Jerry Bryant is still concerned about the land.  It is likely that many of the surrounding trees are old growth forest, and the nearby stream contains rare minerals.  He is quoted in an article saying, “that’s part of the anguish, the idea that they would mow down 200 to 300 foot swaths of majestic trees.”   Even more concerning is the area’s karst geology.  Karst is mostly limestone that is very porous and easily eroded.  If the pipeline leaked, the gas would be able to spread undetected, widening the impact of an explosion.  The karst could potentially allow any leaked gas to spread for miles, contaminating water sources and increasing the chance of explosion.

Read the article interviewing Jerry Bryant here…


An anti-Dominion sign Bryant posted on his gate

No Trespassing

Another no trespassing sign on Bryant’s property




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