Georgia Camp Trail

The Georgia Camp Trail is located in the George Washington National Forest on Shenandoah Mountain. It is 6.3 miles long and it is a fairly difficult hike. Along with beautiful scenery and overlooks, this trail also has a vast history that lies within it. It was a camping spot during the Civil War. It is also used for recreation including a horse trail system (Friends of Shenandoah Mountain).

Near Signal Corp Knob, where the pipeline would run through

When we had the opportunity to hike this trail, we were excited to find the trail cloaked in a thick veil of fog. It was a hidden treasure that not many people know about. Raising awareness about this trail and other trails like it is one of our main goals. The rich habitat that houses many creatures is in danger with the possibility of the Atlantic Coast pipeline being constructed.

One of the rare creatures that inhabits the trail is the Cow Knob salamander (Plethodon punctatus). Shenandoah Mountain is one of the few residencies of the Cow Knob salamanders. If the pipeline were to be built, it would harm many of these creatures’ habitats. The habitat that these amphibians live in is very limited. They must be relatively wet and their habitat resides in areas where the elevations are¬†greater than 2,500 ft. The Cow Knob salamander is under risk so damaging the trail could contribute to the decline of this species (VHS).

Georgia Camp Trail: Cow Knob Salamanders


Shenandoah Mountain-6



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